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Ernst Barlach is an artist and sculptor mostly remembered today for his works protesting against the war; looking at his World War Two-era works, it is little wonder that most of them were confiscated by the Nazi Party as Degenerate Art. His experiences during World War transformed him from an enthusiastic pro-war supporter, to an active anti-war protester, and he used the horrors he experienced during the Great War as inspiration for his works. For instance, his Magdeburger Ehrenmal sculpture of 1929, shown here, was commissioned to be a memorial of World War I. Instead, based on his own experiences of being mobilized in the war, Barlach sculpted a number of figures – including three German soldiers, a fresh recruit, a young officer and a civilian – all bearing the marks of the pain, horror, and desperation of war. This caused a great deal of controversy, and the attacks on Barlach in response to this work continued right through until his death in 1938.

In 1917, only three years after painting his first pure abstract, nike air max 1 x liberty london pixel pack
was already being dubbed as the best of the new German artists. His works were particularly noteworthy for their sophisticated technique; Klee was heavily influenced by the Cubist art movement and by modern theories of color, meaning that his works always featured a rich texture of brightly colored triangular and circular patterns. In 1921, Klee began a successful career teaching art and ‘Form’ in the esteemed German academies air jordan 12 flu game release date 2016 subaru
and the Dusseldorf Academy, respectively. It was this success that brought him to the attention of the Nazis, who raided his home and ensured he was dismissed from his teaching post. Klee lost 102 of his paintings seized to the Nazis, 17 of which were featured in the 1937 Degenerate Art exhibition.

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was actually a supporter of the Nazi Party from 1920 onward and openly expressed negative views about Jewish artists. Unfortunately for Nolde, he considered Expressionism to be a distinctively Germanic style, and his paintings reflected this. On this view, he and Hitler differed; Hitler was strongly opposed to all forms of modernism, and over 1000 of Nolde’s works were removed from museums – despite the fact that, until this time, Nolde had been greatly esteemed within Germany. The heavy use of flowers and floral imagery throughout his works also reflects his continued interest with the works of Vincent Van Gogh – a fellow ‘degenerate’ artist. However, Nolde was not allowed to paint – even in private – after 1941.

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VCLS (Voisin Consulting Life Sciences) is a team of 130 life sciences professionals, committed to delivering innovative therapies to patients. We believe that product development must be driven by a solid understanding of the environment within which the product will be launched, and the criteria by which elements of the development will be assessed by both regulators and payers. We start from science and medical needs, as we collaborate with our clients’ teams to drive innovative products along development and commercialization.

(Voisin Consulting Life Sciences)

VCLS believes technologies can transform lives, we are committed to help our clients deliver effective therapies and make them accessible to patients.

Human. Client-driven. Innovation. Sharing. Excellence. Passion.

Dr. Emmanuelle M. Voisin founded Voisin Consulting Life Sciences in 1997 to offer product development services tailored to the very specific needs of small Biotech companies. Over the years, Emmanuelle has assembled a team of seasoned industry professionals of complementary expertise, to offer combined strategic and operational capabilities addressing the needs of health products developers. Today, our team is also consulted by top-10 Biotech, Pharma, Medtech, Food, and Cosmetic manufacturers.

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(RRG) joined VCLS group in 2013. The combined operation consolidates VCLS service range notably in regulatory science, interim management and training services. RRG employees are now working with VCLS’ team to strengthen the group’s capabilities in helping clients drive their products to the international marketplace. Located in Camberley (UK), the award-winning Regulatory Resources Group is one of the longest-established independent regulatory consultancies in Europe. This acquisition is part of VCLS’ global growth strategy.

Regulatory Resources Group

BH Consulting Services, Inc. (BH) joined the VCLS group in 2015. The acquisition forms one of the largest independent consulting groups delivering high-end regulatory services to support the interactions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and other global health authorities. Based in Somerville, NJ, retro air jordan 9 statue on feet
reinforces VCLS’ capabilities with in-depth Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls expertise, as well as strategic and operational support for all regulatory submissions including electronic publishing services.

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Sandra Greniewicki, Anne Warren Thomas Professor of Nursing Health Policy, poses for a photo inside the Lockett-Mitchell Parlour. (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Written by David Morrison , posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 · Leave a Comment

In May of 1961, President John F. Kennedy tapped into that nascent mother lode of good old American faith and chutzpah when he declared that the veritable global laughing stock of a U.S. space program would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. A year earlier, a group of Gainesville, Georgia, citizens declared that in three years 10 students would receive diplomas from the nursing school they just established without any professional reputation, accreditation, endowment or operating capital.

Although on different scales, both outlandish visions came to pass, proving that if you put enough heart, soul and faith into it, a dream can come true.

That Hall School of Nursing three-year diploma program from the 1960s ultimately morphed into Brenau University’s Mary Inez Grindle School of Nursing, which over the years has produced hundreds of graduates with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in nursing, who have improved health care for hundreds of thousands of people.

It truly is a remarkable story of the beginnings of a transformation in both the community and an institution. As her last major contribution to Brenau, the person who wants to tell that story is the Anne Warren Thomas nursing professor Sandra Atkinson Greniewicki, whose qualification for writing the history is that she helped make it.

Greniewicki has worn just about every hat on the rack – faculty liaison, consultant, chair, dean, provost, two named professorships – in the roughly 30 years that she has had formal roles. However, her relationship with Brenau covers four decades during which she worked intermittently in key positions at schools in Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina, Alabama and Michigan. Her international health care leadership has extended into both China and Mexico, where she taught and practiced nursing in several large universities. She has been a regular financial contributor to the nursing program over the years and is considering establishing an estate gift. A few years ago she came out of retirement to help Brenau establish its first doctorate – a nursing practice degree for those who function in generally the same capacity as physician assistants in diagnosing and treating patients.

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