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By James Osborne



Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Wednesday global efforts to shift away from fossil fuels were "immoral," threatening economic developments in poorer nations.

"Look those people in the eyes that are starving and tell them you can't have electricity," he said. "Because as a society we decided fossil fuels were bad. I think that is immoral."

The comments followed a sprawling speechat the CERAWeek by IHS Markit energy conference in which Perry declared the United States has entered an age of a new "energy realism," in which the country would increasingly supply the world with oil and gas, coal, wind and other forms of energy.

"America is now on the cusp of energy independence but the president wants to see this go further. He wants to share America's energy bounty with the world," Perry said. "We're going to be exporting multiple fuels. and we will export the same technologies that made us a clean abundant energy producer."

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The former Texas governor did not mention the term "climate change," a controversial topic within the administration since President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate change last year.

But the topic hung over his speech. He cited the decline in U.S. carbon emission between 2005 and 2014, largely attributed to the power sector's shift from coal to natural gas and renewables.

"The lesson's 'clear we don't have to choose between growing the economy and caring for the environment," Perry said.

Since taking office last year, Perry has promoted an "all of the above" energy strategy towards lowering energy costs and growing the U.S. economy - a script he largely stuck to Wednesday.

But behind the scenes, his department has shown a predilection for aiding the coal sector.

In September he proposed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission increase rates for coal and nuclear power plants that have shuttered at a fast clip in recent years. Commissioners ultimately rejected the proposal earlier this year Republicans and Democrats criticized the plan as a government giveaway promoted by coal magnate Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy.

Our mission is to make science a cultural activity . We spend our time developing programs to prototype our ideas for hardware, software, media which support scientific investigation.

Our Work

We’re always looking for sandboxes where we can explore novel ways of supporting playful, scientific investigation—and developing the tools and materials that requires. Got a lead on something that might interest us? Let us know !

Over the past year we’ve been working with the City of Somerville—along with local families, businesses, and institutions—to develop a proposal for a new high school in Somerville, an Innovation School extending the themes behind sprout’s work: project-based learning, computational thinking, and a deep integration with the community. Our prospectus was unanimously approved in the summer of 2012, and we’re now in the midst of developing the more detailed Innovation Plan for submission early 2013.

Inspired by the community events of Great Small Works , this dinner theater series brings people together around food, music, performance united by a monthly theme. Seeking to blur the line between art and academia, the series asks academics to approach their lectures as performance and puppeteers to cast their theater as pedagogy. Each month, we bring folks together around a program of presentations performances which at their best help us understand a piece of everyday life from a new perspective.

Inspired by works like Braitenberg’s Vehicles and Schrödinger’s What is Life? , sprout’s Signs of Life , asks participants to explore what it means for something to be “alive.” We do this by prototyping projects which are alive (in one way or another)—whether that’s robots responsive to feedback or simulations incorporating evolutionary computation . Participants work with media ranging from Mindstorms and Scratch to arts crafts supplies to Processing and nike blazer mid metric shopbop
to bring their creations to life.

sprout grew from our collective desire for rich, social learning experiences. That desire has become a driving interest in the design of tools media to support creative, scientific investigation. Interested in working with us? Let us know!

full spectrum of non-clinical model systems of the liver cryopreservation plateablerodent hepatocytes liver subcellular fractions fluorescent transporter probes clearance prediction in special populations transporter-based pharmacokinetic boosting unbound concentration assessment in vitro model for identification of drug candidates showing risk for drug-induced cholestasis bile acid profiling in silico models for structure-based prediction of transporter inhibition Bioanalytical activities


Pharmacometrics is the science of applying mathematical/statistical methods to amenable questions in drug development and therapy. Although a relatively young science (the name appeared first in 1982), it dates back to Widmark, Teorell and Dost, many decades earlier. However, only with the availability of (relatively) user-friendly software for nonlinear mixed effects modeling and affordable and powerful hardware, the specialty gained widespread application and recognition, as well as a much broader scope after 1990. At the drug delivery and disposition unit, Pharmacometrics was established as independent specialtyin 2016 and focuses on the application of parametric (NONMEM) and nonparametric (Pmetrics) methods for parameter identification and simulation (Berkeley Madonna, Pmetrics). Applications range from the quantitative description of drug metabolism in cell culture systems to the optimization of dosing regimens in patients across multiple therapeutic areas. An ongoing area of research is the optimization of dose finding methods and making computer assisted dose finding available to physicians without pharmacometric training at the point of care. We also offer in-house consulting to clinicians studying the dosing regimen-exposure-response relationship of drugs.

Pharmaceutical Technology

The study of formulation strategies and manufacturing processes is the research topic of the Pharmaceutical Technology research group of Drug Delivery and Disposition. The aim is to correlate the physical structure of the drug delivery system to the drug release kinetics and stability profile, and to correlate formulation and processing parameters tot he resulting physical structure. The group is worldwide recognized for expertise in the field of amorphous materials and solid (molecular) dispersions of poorly soluble drugs.


For boys 9-18, zapatillas nike free power lines ii ltra
challenges preteens and teens alike. Wilderness trips build self confidence as kids meet and exceed their own expectations of what they can do.

overnight summer camp Wilderness trips

While in camp or on the trail, kids learn to collaborate. They’ll share communal spaces and chores. They’ll have responsibilities to themselves and others, but they will also have the opportunity to meet expectations on their own terms.


Camp Voyageur specializesin real wilderness camping. nike roshe runs mens black
get preteens and teens in shape for wilderness adventure. Experienced counselors lead small groups into the BWCAW and nike free run no socks day
wildernesses and beyond.

Sports and activities Experienced counselors BWCAW Quetico

Sending your child to an overnight summer camp for 2-weeks or longer is a BIG deal, and we get that! Start a conversation with us – ask questions, get to know us and our program – and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’d love to hear from you.

Good things happen when you leave home for a few weeks camping in the wilderness. You gain independence and find your voice. Camp Voyageur fills a summer with sports, fun and adventure exploring the Boundary Waters with wilderness experts and new friends.

Two weeks at camp (Testing the waters): Two-week sessions abbreviate the Camp Voyageur experience. Kids practice canoeing and camping skills before heading out on the trail. Many campersstay six or eight weeks by combining the four-week and two-week sessions.

Two weeks at camp (Testing the waters):

Fourweeks at camp: Over four weeks kids bite into the full Voyageur experience. Campers perform on the Gong Show, Clue, Casino, the cardboard boat regatta, the WELK radio show and CV’s Olympic games. Take day trips to fish, explore iron mines that built America and visit the International Wolf Center and the North American BearCenter . Recreational sports work boys into shape as they prepare for two, progressively longer canoe or hiking trips. Fish for walleye, small and largemouth bass, northern pike, rainbow, brown and lake trout on adventures into the BWCAW and Quetico .

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