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How has the science of transplantation, regeneration and prosthetics affected our perceptions of the human body? Should we liken the human body to a machine whose components can be replaced whenever needed? The SPARE PARTS season explores how medical practice and research are increasingly akin to engineering and design, investigating the mobility of human organs, the generation of engineered body parts - at a cellular, tissue, organ or limb level - and the science, ethics and technology that enable them.

SPARE PARTS delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of living with an organic or engineered spare part, their creation, transplantation, and the possibility of spare parts existing outside of the biological body, to be shared and exchanged. Does living with a spare part induce a feeling of redundancy? Or can a transplant or prosthesis lead to an unexpected sense of heightened well-being and self-worth? What have practitioners learned and achieved since the first successful organ transplant in 1954?

The season interrogates the idea of our bodies as a sum of independent parts which may within a lifetime, be regenerated, enhanced, donated or altered by choice or destiny.

SPARE PARTS scrutinises the experience of being seen as ill, and less able, and celebrates the human ability to cultivate resilience and difference. Exploring the challenges of taking on an altered identity and of incorporating a new organ, the season blurs the boundaries between what is perceived as a normal, or a different human body.

We are interested in ideas including:

Other ideas are welcome too!

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for some inspiration.


Curatorial advisors help us to shape our seasons. They are expert artists, scientists and clinicians working in the fields related to the season theme in different ways. Curatorial advisors will help select the final works and ensure the season’s exhibition and event programme facilitate creative collisions in art and science.

Submissions will be reviewed by the curatorial advisors named above and by Daniel Glaser, Director of Science Gallery London, Jen Wong, Head of Programming, Science Gallery London and Stéphanie Delcroix, Spare Parts Season Curator-Producer. Candidates will receive a response in September 2017.

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Thick dust, noxious smells and ear-splitting noise disrupted what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

Vacationers said they shared the two-week voyage from Miami to Los Angeles with a crew of workers on what amounted to a construction site at sea.

Photos shared on Facebook show stockpiles of building supplies, some with hazardous material warnings, sitting side-by-side with lounge chairs on the ship’s decks. Video shot by passengers captured ongoing noise from workers using power tools.

During the trip, large areas of the Norwegian Sun were roped off with caution tape and signs reading “beautification in process” as several of the vessel’s decks were being resurfaced.

Passenger Wayne Jenkins said his wife nearly fainted after becoming overwhelmed by the smell of chemicals.

“I want to know what the heck we were exposed to,” he told CTV Vancouver Island on Monday. “It was full-blown construction going on.”

During the trip, large areas of the Norwegian Sun were roped off with caution tape and signs reading “beautification in process” as several of the vessel’s decks were being resurfaced. The ship is expected to arrive in Victoria this week, where work will continue while the ship is in dry dock.

Some of the more than 2,000 passengers posted photos and video of their experience to nike wmns air max 1 prm magista collection
. Some members shared the Material Safety Data Sheets for barrels of primer paint that they snapped photos of.

Others are demanding refunds from Norwegian Cruise Line.

Passenger Jill Davies said she spoke to the Norwegian Sun’s captain about why significant construction work was being done during her vacation.

“It was quite clear it was way beyond their control,” she said. “This was a decision made at head office.”

Trish Vale said that when she boarded the ship in Miami, everything seemed “normal.” But once the ship got out to sea, things went awry.

“We felt duped,” Vale told CTV News Channel on Tuesday. “We felt that this had been long planned and for many people on the ship, this was a cruise of a lifetime and a trip of a lifetime, so we were horrified at what was going on.”

Vale said the passengers became especially upset when they saw men in hazmat suits on board. Some passengers even took samples of debris to investigate themselves.

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